Leadership Coaching

At Adventurous Coaching we take a strength-based approach to Leadership Coaching. We strongly believe that an authentic and successful leadership style must be based in a leader's personal strengths.

Once a leader (and anyone can be a leader when they work from their strengths) identifies their strengths then it requires an initial process of reflection, and then an ongoing journey of implementation.

Our leadership programme starts with a diagnostic process, where we conduct strength-based psychometric testing, and a 360-feedback process

We then take the Leader on a two day wilderness journey, where the individual is guided through a process of reflecting on the outcome of the testing and feedback process and finally generates actions for when they return to the workplace.

We offer five follow-up coaching sessions over the following 6 months so the leader is both supported and held accountable for delivering on those actions.


Psychometric assessment, 360-feedback process, three-day adventure + five follow-up coaching sessions

$8,750 + GST