The off-track journey as metaphor / by Andrew Kable

Humans understand the world through metaphor. When we learn something new, we frame it in the terms of something we already know.

This is why I love off-track wilderness adventure as a metaphor for a personal journey or for the journey of a start-up company.

Going off-track is hard.

You have to set-out with a plan, and often a compass bearing, but you also have to modify that plan in response to the terrain.

 You push through the tangle of vegetation, finding passes through cliff-lines and actively navigating the whole time. You sometimes have to backtrack, try alternative routes, and sometimes you get lost for a while. The reward is getting to somewhere amazing, a place where people who stick to the track never get to go.

Staying on an established track is doesn't take much mental energy and it gets you places quickly, even if those places are easily accessible to anyone.

If you are undergoing a process of self-actualisation, or if you are building a start-up company, you are going to have to forge your own path.

Taking a wilderness off-track adventure is a great way to make yourself more prepared for the rigours of your broader personal or corporate journey.