Why executive coaching in the outdoors? / by Andrew Kable

Most executive coaching sessions take place in meeting rooms, over coffee, or over telephone or video conferencing.

These are all great environments for coaching to take place in, and are the default option because they are convenient.

So why am I running my coaching sessions in wilderness environments in the Blue Mountains, where clients need to take at least a day out of their schedule to participate?

I wrote a previous blog post about why the wilderness is great for personal transformation, but here are five reasons why the outdoors is great for coaching.

1. Firstly it is as simple as getting a different perspective. It is easier to move your thinking forward when you can step outside the city and get a high-altitude view.

2. Being outdoors allows us to have a day-long uninterrupted coaching session where there is no phone reception and some real progress can be made.

3. Awaken your adventurous self! In our outdoor day we set up an activity that will move you outside your comfort zone and force you to get in touch with your adventurous self. We then make the time to apply your adventurous self to your challenges back in the office. You will be surprised by your new thinking!